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Filtering screw screen - Mini

The Miniscreen is an integrated machine consisting of a perforated screen, a spiral and a geared Motor unit. This screen has been specifically designed for Fine Screening applications for waste water treatment plants.
During operation, after a coarse screen, fine solids in the incoming flow will progressively collect onto the screen mesh and the water shall filter through the mesh and will be passed into the channel or tank. The captured fine solids on the screen mesh will be cleaned with the help of the brushes fixed to the periphery of the spiral in the screen mesh zone will clean the screen mesh and convey the solids up to the outlet.
Design with tank also available.
Also available in MOC - SS304 / SS316


Salient features :

Easy collection of the solid material in a Bin or a Bag.
Low installed power.
Suitable for Pipe flange mounting as well as channel installation.
Easy to Install.
Low space requirement.
Negligible Maintenance cost.
Very Low investment cost.
Openings available in 2 mm, 3 mm & 5 mm perforated / punched holes.
MOC screen and housing in SS 304 and screw in hot dip galvanised steel.
High solid capture efficiency.

Applications :

Before MBR in Sewage Treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant.
Fine screening application in STP and ETP.
Commercial places like restaurants and fast food outlets, laundries, carwash, etc.
Textile, Paper and Slaughter house industries.


Model Normal 2mm Flow rate 3mm m3/hr * 5mm Power Connected (kW) Weight (kg) Suspended solids in feed
M01 8 12 18 0.37 56 <500 ppm
M02 25 35 50 0.55 122 <500 ppm
M03 35 45 70 0.75 160 <500 ppm
M04 45 60 95 1.1 230 <500 ppm
Note : * Flow rates may vary as per application.