The patented Teknobag Draimad system is indigenously manufactured equipment under license from M/s Teknofanghi S.r.l. Italy. The Teknobag Draimad is suitable to handle specially made patented filter bag, which retains the suspended solids present in the sludge and allows clear water to drain. In Teknobag Draimad, sludge dewatering takes place in two stages, first during filling of the filter bags and second during the storage of the filter bags in open air. Prior to feeding of the sludge to Teknobag Draimad unit it is recommended to condition the feed sludge with suitable polyelectrolyte to form big, strong & quick settling flocks. Each Teknobag of Teknobag Draimad has a capacity to handle approximately 80-100 kg of wet sludge. The actual sludge handling capacity varies depending upon the type of sludge, suspended solid concentration, type of polyelectrolyte used.


Salient features :

Low Operation and Maintenance costs.
No direct contact with the sludge - good in terms of EHS.
No spillage of sludge - Clean surrounding.
Reusable special filter bags.
Low foundation / installation cost.
Minimal man power requirement.
Capable of handling sludge up to 20m3/day.
Separation efficiency > 95%

Insert Photos – 4-5 Nos.

Model 01 BM 02 BM 03 BM 06 BM
Length mm 630 1140 1550 1900
Width mm 500 560 550 1050
Height mm 1500 1500 1700 2000

Applications :

Textile Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Food Processing
Chemical Industry
Fertilizers and Pesticide Industry