Rotary Drum Fine Screen

The internally fed rotary fine screen is composed of a tank and a spiral connected to the drum for the transport of screening.

The screen is composed of a perforated plate whose holes diameter is as big as the desired opening size. The drum is supported by suitable shaft, and is operated by a geared motor.

Salient Features

  • Suitable for MBR Application
  • Perforated Circular screening element
  • Continuous Operation
  • Backwash arrangement for perforated screening washing
  • Suitable for line installation
ModelFlow Rate m3/hr*Power (kW)
Hole Opening
RDS-S 300 X 5001012150.25
RDS-S 500 X 10003045600.37
RDS-S 640 X 10006075900.75
RTV 640 X 200075901100.75