Pieralisi Disc Stack separators & clarifiers are the latest in technology and design and are ‘Self Cleaning – automatic discharge’ type. More than 9000 G centrifugal force can be generated and the self-cleaning separators can perform partial and total discharge of solids.

The ejection of solids is made at full separator speeds without interruption of the feed. The machine can be provided with one or two centripetal pumps for pressurized discharge of clarified feed. For Biotech applications the machine is provided in steam sanitisable version with a rotating Hydro Seal to prevent any possibility of contamination between the separation and drive areas.

The capacities of these machines range from 1 m3/hr to 20 m3/hr depending upon the application.

The main applications are in Biotech industry being cell cultures, vaccines, antibiotics, bacteria, enzymes, yeast and other biomasses. The standard applications being Dairy industry for milk skimming and clarification, and as Bactofuge for bacteria removal, in Biodiesel production, in edible oil, mineral oil clarification, fat rendering, fruit juices clarification etc.