Belt Filter Press For Sludge Dewatering

The patented Monobelt belt filter press is a completely novel design, different from any other “traditional” belt filter press on the market. The unit is a compact combination of two distinct and integrated units: a pre-thickener and a belt filter press system.

The pre-thickener rotary drum with Archimedean screw inside, mounted on the top of the unit, performs the initial solid/liquid separation, with a significant reduction of the hydraulic load fed into the belt press. This important separation allows the unit to handle sludges having very low Suspended Solids concentrations (0.5 – 1%). At the exit of the MONOBELT, dependent upon the characteristics of the sludge, it is possible to reach Dry Solids concentration of 18% to 30%.

Salient features

  • The Belt used is endless (no joining zippers or clips, which are the typical critical points of most belt filter presses).
  • MONOBELT units are supplied complete with washing pump and a control panel mounted on the unit, and with a full set of safety and water containment covers.
  • Less No of Rollers as compared to other Belt Filter Press.
  • Low Power requirement – Low Maintenance – Low Operating cost.
  • More than 2000 units operational world over in the past 15 years.
ModelNP 06CNP 08CNP 12CNP 12 6SCNP 15CNP 15 – 6DCNP 20 6DT
Belt Width (mm)60080012001200150015002000
Drum thickener (mm)Ø 400x1Ø 400x1Ø 400x1Ø 600x1Ø 400x2Ø 600x2Ø 600x2
Max flow (m3/hr)1-42-83-125-155-207-3010-40
Belt Press (kW)0.620.620.951.
Wash Pump (kW)
Weight (Kg)1220144016201740198021602600


  • Textile Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical Industry
  • Fertilizers and Pesticide Industry